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Organize for Function and Freedom

It is easier to relax and wind down in your home when clutter and chaos are gone. You may hire someone to clean your home on a regular basis, but hiring someone to restore your home to order is key to peace of mind, wellness and a highly functioning life.  Research shows clutter increases stress hormones. Children with ADHD focus better in homes with less clutter and fewer distractions.  An organized home creates emotional well-being, less stressed family relationships and room to breathe.  


You may not enjoy organizing or may not have time for it. Help is just an email or phone call away. Imagine being able to find things when you need them, being more efficient and having peace of mind!  The bottom line: an organized home allows you to function more efficiently and frees the mind.  Most importantly it gives you the time for things that matter most - family, friends and meaningful activities.

Ease the Burden of Moving


Moving is emotionally and physically stressful.  Leaving the familiarity of your home behind can be hard. Having the tasks of moving on top of busy lives is a lot to handle. I am there to take away the stress of organization before and after the move.


The Truth about Staging


Why do clients hire me for home staging consultations before selling? Staging sets the tone for a property that will sell quickly versus one that lingers on the market. The first impression a home gives, means everything.  A buyer decides if they can picture themselves living in a home within 8 seconds of walking in the door.  A home that has been staged has an 87% faster selling rate than one that has not.  On average, a staged home will sell for 17% more than a comparable un-staged home.  Another way to think of this is: when the seller spends an average of 1% of the value of the home on staging, they see a 1000% return on investment. If a home is uncluttered, appears spacious and has an attractive, streamlined look, that first impression is much more likely to result in a offer.  


Add Sparkle with Redesign

If you are tired of your current spaces and want a new look at a fraction of the cost of an interior designer, consider redesign. Redesign is the revamping of your old space using your current furnishings. It is amazing how redesign can make a new look pop through arrangement of furniture and artwork and the addition of a few new accessories.

Out with the Stress, in with the Sparkle


The Value of a Hiring a Professional Organizer and Stager

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