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A Blank Canvas

Organizing begets peace of mind. Peace of mind begets freedom. Freedom begets openness. Openness begets discovery. Discovery begets adventure. Adventure begets an amazing new life.

What amazes you? Think about it for a moment. Life is full of amazing, affirming, nourishing events, activities, pastimes, discovering new abilities, talents, opportunities and adventures.

When your right brain can use its intuitive powers to bring forth what is your best self within, who knows what will spring from it? Suddenly you may find you can draw or paint, sing or write, build things or invent. The options are endless. According to Dr. Martha Beck in her book, "Finding Your Way in a Wild New World", accessing our right brains open up whole new worlds to explore and ways to look at the world ways we may never have considered before.

I encourage you to try experimenting with your right brain’s influence. Read the book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. Try meditation or mindfulness exercises. You may begin to find that the left brain that has been serving you well for a long time in the foreground, can be moved to the background to open up the new world of the right brain. You may find that you live your life more from a new intuitive place than from a place based on language and pragmatism.

My blank canvas is being filled with new ideas, experiences and people than I ever would have imagined. Your canvas will be uniquely yours and I would love to hear your experiences as your work of art unfolds.

Good luck on your journey!


“Make Room For What You Love”


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