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We Only Have One

We only have one life. Without clarity of life purpose, our one precious life may not reflect the unique person we choose to be.

As a professional organizer, I have referred to the notion that clearing clutter makes room for clarity in your life. I have said it in many different ways:

  • Removing clutter helps you move forward to new things in your life you did not have room for before.

  • Removing clutter allows space for new ideas.

  • When you make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, it frees you to make much bigger decisions about what to keep or change in your life.

  • Clearing clutter leaves room to breathe.

  • Decluttering creates a serenity in your surroundings that leads to a calmer life.

  • A more organized environment is more efficient and more time can be spent on things you love to do, versus maintaining your “stuff”.

  • Clearing clutter may clear your mind to spur you on to creative endeavors - maybe you will have room in your life to develop new abilities - the list is endless - singing, painting, drawing, hiking, geocaching, or whatever moves you.

  • A more organized existence may allow freedom to expand your world to include new people, new friends, new relationships

  • New adventures may beckon when your stuff is not weighing you down.

  • New possibilities in every aspect of your life may surface because your subconscious is not cluttered with the heaviness of having so many possessions.

Why do we hang on to so many possessions and why do we keep acquiring more?

  • To falsely create a sense of permanence

  • To create a sense of security, “to have more, means to be more”

  • To fill an emotional emptiness

  • To avoid making decisions about letting go and moving forward

  • To cling to the past

The fewer things you cling to, the greater the value of your life now. Just as I may clear a room when I stage a home and then bring things back in to create the look I want, when you let go of excess possessions, it frees you up to visualize and re-create your life. You can see what is unnecessary in the way you live, the people you spend time with, in how you use your time, and even in the beliefs you hold.

The main thing that happens is that you intuitively begin to declutter your life, not just your belongings. Wouldn’t you like the freedom that comes from a life that you not only declutter, but shape to be what you truly want? You can take back your power through regaining clarity and peace of mind.

We only have one. I invite you to live this one life in the best way you can. Be in touch when the urge for clarity strikes. We can create clarity together.

Good luck on your journey!


"Make Room for What You Love"

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