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First Loves

Why I Love Staging

  • I love the chance to help homeowners get the best price they can get for their home.

  • I love making it easy for them, getting the home sold quickly.

  • I love relieving some of the stress of a home sale.

  • I love to do consultations with homeowners when they want to do the actual staging themselves. I can go through the entire home and in a short time, give them a list of all the improvements. I love to demonstrate some “hands-on” staging and create some attractive changes to the home so they know how to proceed.

  • I love doing the full staging of the home. It gives me pleasure to create a beautiful, neutral, universally appealing look that appeals to buyers.

I am happy when I have created a visually appealing appearance in a home (or helped the homeowner to do it), but when the home sells quickly, that is truly my first love!

Home selling can be fun and less stressful than you think.

Contact me for staging today. I make it affordable for those who want to implement a lot of my ideas themselves. Talk to me today about rates.

Happy selling!


“Make Room for What You Love”



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