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‘Tis the Season...

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

...the hottest season for home sales, I mean. So, to stage or not to stage? Is it really a question? It shouldn’t be.

Math Facts: (I love math facts, don’t you?) .

Homeowners hire stagers because they do the math.

  • A home that has been staged has an 87% faster selling rate than one that has not

  • On average, a staged home will sell for 17% more than a comparable un-staged home

  • Another way to think of it is this: when the seller spends an average of 1% of the value of the home on staging, they see a 1000% return on investment

  • A buyer decides if they can picture themselves living in a home within 8 seconds of walking in the door.

All the above is important information for the homeowner who wants a quick sale. Staging sets the tone for a property that will sell quickly versus one that lingers on the market. The first impression a home gives, means everything. If a home is uncluttered, appears spacious and has an attractive, streamlined look, that first impression is much more likely to result in a offer.

Shh….Staging Secrets!

So, here it is -- drum roll --- what magic does a stager do to sell the home?

In a nutshell:

  • De-cluttering

  • Neutralizing (taking out photos of Uncle Fred, etc)

  • Removing excess furniture

  • Furniture reconfiguration of current pieces, possible addition of new pieces

  • Adding decor to make the look pop!

  • Recommendations for updates, deep cleaning and repair work

The main idea is that the potential home buyer can visualize themselves living there. To do this, the stager has to create a look that is appealing to the senses (we’ve all heard of the apple-pie- baking-in-the-oven scenario). The visual appearance of the home should be streamlined to create a pleasing, spacious look. The house should not have personal items displayed that detract from the buyer’s ability to envision it as their own home. Additions to decor should be in the form of vignettes - areas that tell a story (ex. a cozy loveseat with a tea tray and a book opened or alternatively, a tray on the bed with coffee, a white bathrobe next to it). You got it - anything that makes the potential buyer think this would be a great place to live. Even sounds have an impact on sales. You would not want loud music playing or worse, the dog next door barking.

Other secrets:

  • Put everything in your pantry in bins

  • Clean out your closets

  • Draw attention to the best features of your house

  • Highlight or create a focal point in each room (did you know the color red draws your eye to an area?)

Home staging is all about speaking to a buyer’s psychology. Of course, neutralizing the color palette, decluttering and organizing your spaces are a few of the must-do home staging tips. Here are some other, more subtle tricks that may surprise you.

  • Colorful potted flowers by the front door

  • Extra pillows on the bed and sofa

  • A white bathrobe and white towels (create the feeling of being in a luxury hotel)

  • The table set with attractive dinnerware and a centerpiece

All of these steps are necessary to get your home ready for the all-important professional photos for the online listing and then to get your home sold!

The Key Question DIY’ers Want to Know: Can You Stage It Yourself?

This is a multiple choice quiz - I always did better at those tests!

That would depend on:

A. Whether you’ve watched enough HGTV

B. Whether you love to wade through your possessions and declutter the whole house

C. Whether you can let go of items easily, without sentimentality

D. Whether you can make yourself put away all those cherished family photo

E. Whether you have knowledge of current design

F. B, C, D and E

If you answered A, you may want to rethink staging it yourself :) If you answered F, you could consider it, but you have to seriously think about the downside. The downside of DIY staging is that it’s a lot of work, time and effort and the result may not benefit from all the techniques a professional employs. The MAIN reason not to DIY staging is the loss of revenue if it sells for less than it should. And... that’s not even considering the inconvenience of it not selling quickly (think -- having to clean up after kid’s messes or getting Fido out of the house for showings for months longer than you want).

To have a successful, quick sale, given the stats, your best bet is to hire a stager who knows their stuff, for all the reasons I have mentioned. Your home will shine if it has a look of minimalism, eye-catching decor and universal appeal to buyers. For those of you on a home-selling journey, best of luck to you! For all others, remember staging for living is great too. You can use many of these staging tips to refresh the look of your current home and enjoy it all over again!

Thanks Reader, for tuning in. Subscribe to my blog today and have it emailed directly to you so you don’t miss a post! You know who to contact for any staging and organizing needs you have and always remember, "Make room for what you love".

Warm Regards,


Professional Organizer and Certified Stager

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