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How to Tame Your Digital Demons

Often we need a blank slate. A chance to start over. We wonder what it is that holds us back from accomplishing things, from being creative, from reinventing ourselves, from pushing onward to new adventures, from being our best self.

Any part of our life that is hidden and burdensome can be the thing that holds us back. If we have hidden chaos, hidden clutter, endless stockpiled possessions, we are held back from that which feeds and nourishes, from that which spurs us to being everything we want to be.

One thing that weighs most of us down daily is the barrage of email attacking us at every turn. It is time to treat unwanted and unnecessary email as the enemy, to ruthlessly rid ourselves of its influence on our minds and on our well-being.

Ruthless Rule Number 1:

Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe. Have I said it enough. I’ll say it again, unsubscribe.

The next Ruthless Rule is:


Whenever you can click on delete and trash the thing. Just as you would purge possessions, purge the electronic burdens quickly, before they accumulate.

Ruthless Rule Number 3:

Create a system. Just like an actual filing system, a virtual filing system is a necessity for peace of mind. Create folders and move emails to them immediately: Personal, business, to-do, etc. (or whatever labels make sense in your world).

What is the point of implementing these Ruthless Rules?

The point is less stress and discovering your peace of mind. Just looking at the empty inbox, “on the beach” graphic in my email, makes me happy.

A blank canvas is a wonderful thing. It gives us peace and peace allows our right brain to wake up, invent, discover. Who knows what amazing things you may have hidden in that heart and soul of yours?

What can you do with a blank canvas? That is a subject for another day. Stay tuned for my thoughts on that subject!

Contact me when you are ready to tackle your digital demons.

Good luck on your journey!


“Make Room For What You Love”



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