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Your Home Is Not a Storage Unit

We need open space in order to be able to think clearly.

How is it that we have become, as a society, one that promotes acquiring many things over treasuring one thing? Many of us have the financial ability to continually add to excess in our lives, rather than think each time we go into a store, “Will I really need and love this item?”

The result of not being discerning about purchases is that our homes have become storage units (or even worse, we rent storage spaces to store more and more of our stuff). For good insights on the topic: We keep an overload of possessions that we need to continually sort, maintain, rearrange, find room for, stack up, buy more and more bins to contain, and in general be overwhelmed by.

A home should be a place where each possession is one we love. We should be able to see our possessions, own them because we love them or because they serve a function. Beauty and function are good reasons to keep possessions.

Keeping things because of the following, are not good reasons:

I might use it

Someone gave it to me

It belonged to great-aunt Harriet

My kids might want it someday

I can’t decide whether to get rid of it

It is so buried in all the rest of my stuff I don’t even know it’s there

When your home is a storage unit, the result is:

You can’t find things when you need them.

You can’t find things when you need them, therefore you spend money unnecessarily to buy more of the things you can’t find.

You can’t function efficiently because you spend too much time looking for things.

You spend too much time maintaining possessions and then necessarily focus more on the things in your life versus what you enjoy.

You don’t have time for what you truly love.

Is it time for you to create open spaces in your life? When a home is a a storage unit, it overflows with unloved, non-functional “stuff”.

Would you instead choose a home that overflows with ideas, creativity, connection and meaning?

The choice is yours.

Contact me when you want to organize your home rather than keep storing all those things you do not love or have time for.

Good luck on your journey!


“Make Room for What You Love”


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