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Organize Your Possessions, Organize Your Life

Often there is a period of dissatisfaction that occurs before actually changing something in our lives. We may feel a small nagging sense of things not being quite right or a larger feeling that we are definitely on the wrong track and it is time to make a new start.

Once we recognize that change is needed, what does it take to be ready to make a new beginning?

Uncover what is holding you back.

Figure out why you might not want change.

Recognize the fear of letting go.

The upside of change is that you may end up with what you have always wanted. Allowing yourself to risk and to be open to those things you fear may be the best route (maybe the only route?) to your best self and best life.

Change in a smaller part of our lives, such as the change that occurs when you decide to take control of your possessions is a surprisingly good way to begin to change your life overall. Why is that? It is because anything new shakes us up and pushes us forward to the next phase.

Our brains become more open to new ways of thinking and different ways of seeing the world.

New open spaces in our lives result in clarity of mind.

Serenity leads to new thought and creative

new ways of living.

This is the reason so many of my newly organized clients feel the stress melt away, are energized by the power of making decisions, and express a new-found sense of moving forward to exciting changes in their lives.

Who knew that “things” have so much power either to drag us down or as we get control of them, lift us up?

When you decide it’s time to be lifted up, contact me for help.

Good luck on your journey!


“Make Room for What You Love”


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