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Just Begin

Just begin! (this is true for any endeavor, not just organizing). Don’t think about beginning, take the first step. Nothing is accomplished until you take that first step.

Start small. Take 15 minutes today to clean out your purse or organize a junk drawer. A mistake people often make is to take on too much. Organizing everything in a day works for Marie Kondo, but not for everyone.

Have support. Hire an organizer or engage the help of a good friend. It is not easy to get good at the decisions of keep, donate, give away, trash, recycle on your own.

Be easy on yourself. It has taken a long time to accumulate. It may take awhile to dig yourself out.

Realize that developing your “decision-making” muscle takes time. Also know that once you start making all those small decisions - keep, donate, trash - you will more than likely become better at making big decisions in your life also.

Reward yourself when you’ve accomplished organizing your purse or drawer. It’s an accomplishment, you have started an important process and you deserve to celebrate.

Recognize that any beginning can be difficult, but the result that you reap is well worth it. Who knows, you may just turn this small beginning into a major reorganization of your home and your life. You will only know if you take the first step.

Contact me when you are ready to begin.

Good luck on your journey!


“Make Room for What You Love”


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