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Papers Need a Home Too!

Are your papers living free-range around the home or home office? For serenity at home, papers need to be orderly. Any part of your home that is a collection of chaos, can burden your subconscious mind and keep you from enjoying a sense of weightlessness and freedom.

What to do?

Just as it is not important in organizing your possessions to buy limitless bins, containers and storage products (otherwise known as pretty trash receptacles), it is not important to invest in a myriad of office supplies. All that is needed is a clean, simplistic system to bring peace of mind.

Most papers are not valuable even though people think they are. Most of the paper you encounter does not deserve being housed. In our digital age, nearly all documents are accessible and reproducible if necessary. Most times they are not necessary.

Consider manuals for appliances. Any appliance how-to information can be accessed online. Bank statements? They can be accessed online. Bills? Again, online access. Taxes, wills, original mortgage documents are a different story. There may be value in keeping and storing certain documents, but the amount of physical storage for these limited items is small. The end result of mental storage and the need for attention to that storage is small also.

A professional organizer can help you discriminate what papers to toss and what and how to file. The process is very direct. Unless the document is of absolute necessity, it should go. It involves the organizer assisting the client by asking, “Do you need this paper or can we let it go?”

The how-to part is simple. For those papers that are considered to be worth keeping, develop basic categories for filing: Insurance, taxes, mortgage info, etc. If your papers are not housed somewhere in a place where they can be found easily, then your subconscious is using up valuable energy. Just like your possessions in general, your mind will be freer when your documents have homes.

Contact me when you want to free your mind.

Good luck on your journey,


“Make Room for What You Love”


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